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Knitted Slippers with Ermine Trimming

Knitted Bedroom-Slippers with Ermine Trimming Knitted Bedroom-Slippers with Ermine Trimming
(from Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet, 1918)

(Explanation of terms and stitches used)

Materials required are three skeins fourfold Germantown yarn, two colors, and one yard of ribbon. Pink and white yarn, with a little black, and pink ribbon are used for the slippers illustrated.

Cast on 15 stitches with white yarn, using medium-size steel needles. Knit back and forth until you have a perfect square of white, then join the color. The square is for the toe of slipper.

Knit back and forth on the 15 stitches until you have a strip long enough to extend around the sole of slipper and join to the square on other side, leaving two sides and one corner for the toe.

Darn the white with black; beginning at lower right-hand corner, bring the needle through the first two ribs and down between next two, miss three ribs, keeping the long thread on the wrong side, and repeat, having every other row alternate. This may be done before the strip is joined to opposite side of square, if more convenient. Sew to the sole, using strong thread and over-and-over stitches. The strip should be stretched somewhat during the sewing, in order to make the slipper cling well to the foot.

For the border: Cast on 10 stitches with white and knit plain, back and forth, until the strip is long enough to go around the top. Darn with the black yarn, making three rows, over one rib and under three, alternating the stitches. Sew to top of slipper, turn back, and put on the bows.

These slippers are very easily knitted, extremely pretty and may be made to fit any size of sole. For a larger slipper cast on an additional number of stitches for the square, which will make the strip proportionally wider; knit it long enough for the larger sole, and make the border wider, if desired. A smaller slipper is begun with less stitches, following the same general directions.


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