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Children's Knitted Set No. 1

(from Handbook of Wool Knitting and Crochet, 1918)

(Explanation of terms and stitches used)

 Hat/Hood, Sweater, and Scarf

Set No. 1 Set No. 1

Hood.—Cast on 80 stitches, and knit back and forth for 70 rows, or 35 ribs; then join the color and knit 6 ribs, and bind off evenly. Sew up the edge where you cast on for the back of the hood. Fold the border back its width, and pick up the stitches across end of this and the 6 ribs back of it on the body of hood, then the stitches around neck and the other side of border, knit 3 ribs, then in next row, knit 4, over, narrow, and repeat, ending with knit 3. This row forms the holes for the cord. Knit back plain, knit 3 more ribs and bind off.

The hood may be of any desired size by casting on any number of stitches, and knitting just half that number of ribs.

Scarf.—Cast on 30 stitches (or 35 for a little wider scarf); knit 14 ribs of blue, 3 of gray, 2 of blue, 1 of gray and 2 of blue; then knit 34 inches of gray, 2 ribs of blue and continue with the other end as at first, reversing the order. Knot fringe of the two colors in at each end.

Sweater.—Cast on 60 stitches, and knit 2, purl 2 (or double rib) for two inches. Knit plain for 100 rows (or 50 ribs, if you knit back and forth; the model was knitted forward and purled back, to give the work the appearance of plain knitting on the right side). Cast on 42 stitches for sleeve, knit back and cast on 42 stitches for the other sleeve; knit 30 rows on this length, then take 65 stitches off on an extra needle, bind off 14 stitches for neck, and on the remaining 65 stitches work 12 rows; then cast on 13 stitches toward the front and on this length knit 28 rows, bind off 42 stitches for the sleeve, work 18 rows on the remaining stitches, slip these on an extra needle, work the other front to correspond, slip all the stitches on one needle, knit until the front is as long as the back, and finish with the double rib for two inches; bind off evenly.

Using the color, pick up the stitches at the end of sleeve and knit back and forth for 12 rows; bind off. Sew up the sleeves and underarm seams and turn back the cuffs.

For the collar pick up the stitches around the neck, knit 8 rows of gray, then 6 rows of color, and bind off.

Work around edge of collar and down the front opening with double crochet, 1 chain between; lace up the front with cord, ends finished with balls or tassels.




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