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  here i sit, here i knit, i'll smile after i finish this stitch:) ..... sitting, sharing, knit chit/chating, yay! i'm in knitheaven




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Fiction that includes Knitting


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Publisher's Weekly write about these two novels, "Knitting Under the Influence," and "The Friday Night Knitting Club," in Natalie Danford's article (near the end), "The End of Yarn?" Both already appear to be popular as is getting together with friends to knit.

An article featuring a weekly knitting group in Milwaukee: A short time with knitters, a year with scarf

The fiction book, "Knitting" a recent review said that it "weaves together the lives of two flawed women."

"The Knitting Circle" a novel by Ann Hood released January 2007.  Reviews gave an overview about the impact a knitting group has on a woman after the death of her child.

Plans are underway for Julia Roberts to star in a movie based on the book.


Debbie Macomber ( )writes fiction books. Since she's an avid knitter, she wrote these two, that are about a knitting group (One includes a baby blanket pattern and the other a Nancy Bush socks pattern.) who meet in a yarn shop. Knitting gives them common ground and they become friends even though they are all from very different backgrounds.

USA Today reviews 3 new novels due for release, The Knitting Circle, The Friday Night Knitting Club, and Family Tree


The South Coast Today, MA interviewed the author of this knitting murder mystery!

It comes in Large Print too




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